If I have understood correctly, in the company “New day”, I can buy the car but also earn money?
Yes! You transfer funds to the company “New Day”settlement account for the goods chosen by you. The prepayment, which is the amount you will choose, participates in the business program.After that, you have the right to participate in all programs sponsored by the company “New Day”.
If I have not paid the basic part under the contract, but I have paid an advance payment, doI havethe right to participate in the marketing program of the company?
Yes, all who registered, has agreed with the provisions of the contract and has paid to the company the advance payment chosen by him, becomes a partner and can work in the partner program “New Day”.
Is it an offshore company?
No! This is the company registered on Cyprus. From the year, 2006, Cyprus is the state from the European Union and working under the European legislation. And in European Union the offshore companies are forbidden.
Can I get back the money, invested by me, in an advance paymentif I have not bought the goods chosen by me?
Yes, can under condition of passage of the basic platform with the qualification confirmed in the agreement. Thus you remove in advance a ‘check mark’ about participation in the program. And the means all earned by you and your advance payment will be transferred into your account! If you, passed a platform three times, have not confirmed your qualification, you will get back your advance payment too.
It is a pyramid scheme?
No! The main difference from a pyramid scheme is the available presence in our company of superior products. (Cars and apartments). The cost of products is competitive in the market, both at the price level and on quality! There is the guarantee of return of the invested funds (advance payment) in the business program at fulfillment of the agreement’s conditions.This is an officially registered company in the European Union with the tax number.In our company not only distributors buy the production, but the clients too!We sell the real products! For the real prices!
How can I receive the car or apartment?
You can do it after you have paid 100 % of payment of the order. You take away the goods or we (according to your power of attorney) make your purchase in your name. If it is a car, we will send it to the address specified by you. Thus, the transportation cost pays buyer.
What is the marketing program “New day”?
The high-speed biphasic marketing partner program is developed by experts of the company which is not similarly offered anywhere else in the world. It is unique by possibilities and simplicity of the orientation. It is created only for the aid of those who has desire to advance the company goods in the world market and to receive from the company Euro bonuses for advertising and attraction of new clients. Marketing payment in the form of Euro bonuses, received for advertising activity and attraction of new clients, can be used on the purchase of a car or an apartment and in the form of bonuses can be transferred to the account of the partner.The partner marketing program unites in itself two marketing features, which start to work simultaneously.
What is the Coupon?
The coupons are means of payment in the marketing program.
Can I renew the order for other buyer’s name?
The buyer who has made the Order, under the partner program, has the right to replace the Order without explanatory reasons with another person, having paid replacement cost in the company. Cost is defined from the calculation - 50 % from an initial payment.
What is a reinvestment?
For full execution the Order of the buyer should pass the basic platform (at the car purchase). After passage of the Main platform of orders, the company charges 12000 Euro bonuses. The buyer has the right to subtract (reinvest) from this sum 2000 Euros, having made them an advance payment of the following order on the main platform of orders. Reinvestment is established in the program automatically by default. The same goes on the VIP platform too.
Can I walk away from a reinvestment if I have carried out the obligations connected with an order?
No, the reinvesment is obligatoire.
Can I terminate the contract?
Yes, certainly. You can stop contractual relations with the company as follows: You can refuse the contract within 14 days. It is not required to specify a cause of a failure (the Law on protection of the rights of consumers states it: the refusal of the contract without explanation of the reasons). In this case you need to only direct an e-mail to the company with the given request. The contract, with you, will be terminated and the company will immediately return your money.
What will happen with my money if I do not make two invitations to the basic platform?
At the passage by the order of the basic platform, without qualification three times, and at an exit on compensation the order is subtracted. The sum of credit bonuses, with which the buyer has entered into the project, is charged to his order and it goes back to the buyer in a Partner’s Private office.
Are there in the marketing program "overtakings", and can I lose my team because of them?
No! In the marketing program “New Day”such a situation is impossible. There are no "overtakings" here and all your structures remain with you.
How to become the client of the company “New Day”?
In order to become the client of the company “New Day” it is necessary to be registered, sign the contract and to make an advance payment of the ordered goods within 24 hours, by sending a copy of the payment of the commission to an e-mail.
I can look at cars at motor shows or to look at apartments on an island!
Yes certainly! For this purpose it is necessary for you to send your request by email.................... Or you should contact your higher partner.
What is the marketing business program “New Day”?
The Marketing business program “New Day” is the high-speed biphasic marketing program, specially developed and it is successfully introduced for the increase in sales volume, advertising and attraction of clients. The arrived Order of the buyer takes place on the platform of orders and, at the same time, participates in the leader program of the classical sample with the successful work of a team, thus moves ahead by way of the bonus compensation.
How I can participate in marketing business to the program?
It is necessary to be registered, issue the Order for a contract of a car or apartment purchase and make an advance payment on purchase of the superior product. After transfer of money into the company’s settlement account, your order takes place on one of platforms and you participate in the program “New Day”.
How many Orders can I issue under the program “New Day”?
You can make only one Order for preliminary and basic platforms. The quantity of Orders for the V.I.P.platform is not limited.
Can I, simultaneously, at the registration of an order on V.I.P. platform pay the entry to the basic platform too?
Yes, quite right! At apartment payment section, enter the cost which is included in an advance payment which puts you on the on the Basic platform of 12,080 Euros. Of this amount, 10,000 Euros will go tothe V.I.P platform and 2,080 Euros will go to the basic platform of orders. This is based on the conditions of marketing programs,of the order of each participant and means obligatory participation on the basic platform. After passage with qualification of the basic platform you have the right to take away bonus compensation or return again on the V.I.P. Level. You can track passage of each order in your private office of the partner.
From what funds does the company pays the bonus compensation?
The Bonus compensation is paid exclusively from the company profits.
When I can receive the car or apartment?
During one week, after the order payment, at the presence of the car dealership or, it is possible, to order the car from the factory within 60 days after payment. An apartment can be received immediately.
Is it possible to deliver the car bought by me to a requested address?
Yes! We make out delivery of your car through a transport company to the specified address. Thus, the expenses on transportation arranged on the buyer.
Through the marketing program, I can buy a car or apartment!
Yes! The company has developed the marketing program, as an additional possibility on the execution of the order of the buyer. All depends on the efforts spent, of each partner in the program, on the advancement of the order of business to platforms based on bonus compensation. It is necessary to satisfy the conditions of the marketing business program “New Day”!!!
What is the cycle?
All arriving orders of buyers take place on the first level of a platform of orders and in process of receipt of new Orders move on levels and leave on compensation. The order of the buyer should pass four levels of a platform of orders. It is also a cycle.
Is it true that upon the purchase of an apartment in Cyprus, I have possibility to receive a residence permit in this country?
Yes, it’s true! With a real estate purchase in Cyprus, you can ask about legalization in this country.
What is the Platform of orders?
The platform of orders is a revolutionary new way of earnings. The platform of orders consists of several levels. To pass the end of a level, it is necessary to pass all intermediate phases’ stage-by stage. The platform of orders has a revolving principle, that is expressed, by having passed the final stage, the participant of a platform "closes" it; thereby, passing once again to the initial stage of a platform, and begins the passage of all levels anew. Recurrence of a platform also consists in it. The platform assumes equal possibilities between participants, but advancement of everyone on levels depends only on its desire and aspiration.
Should I pay something, I mean, other sums for participation in the program “New Day”... besides the first payment?
You pay, only once, the sum of the advance payment chosen by you for the goods bought by you. And this sum will be your pass into the business program “New Day”. After that you can participate in all business programs of the company “New Day”.
Could I get the original contract of purchases of good selected by me?
Yes, certainly! First you have to pay charges of the DHL Express and the fee is 60 Euros. You specify the exact address to which you want the purchase contract to be sent.
Why exactly is the Hungarian auto shows selected for purchase of cars?
At present the prices for cars in Hungary are the most reliable for buyers on new cars.
Should I really leave, after the purchase of the new car in a motor show, a pledge equal to a VAT size?
After the purchase of the new car from auto shows in all the countries of the European Union, the buyer is obliged to leave a pledge from car cost at export in other countries and after car registration in his residence country. Upon delivery a copy of registration certificate or the registration document is the pledged sum and is refunded to the buyer.
How many more reasons do you need to earn money?
We have them all.

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